Today on the Blogger Network, Stephen McAuliffe walks a stunning multi-day autumnal route in the Alpes Maritimes

Stephen’s blog, Howling Mist, is home to a variety of long-form, photo-rich blog posts about his mountain and backpacking adventures. He often heads abroad to explore mountain ranges in locations such as Norway and the Swiss Alps. Although he doesn’t post often, new features are worth the wait.
His latest post is an account of hiking a three-day section of the GR52A, followed by a seven-day hike along the GR52. He was treated to some stunning displays of autumn colours in the forests and some great scenic views in the mountains.
Chamois were still plentiful and for the next few kilometres I saw lots grazing all about. I reached Baisse Cavaline at 2100mtrs and basically from there the trail contoured one side or the other of the ridge until it reached Pointe des Tres Communes at 2080mtrs. This was an interesting place as it had a lot of paraphernalia left over from World War Two. Disused bunkers and barracks were to be found and served as a sobering reminder that here in this beautiful place (and not that terribly long ago) countries that are now close friends tore each other apart.
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