Today on the Blogger Network, TGO contributor Mark Waring takes his hot tent to the Galloway hills

Mark Waring goes on grand adventures to northern places: wanderings in Scandinavia and the Scottish Highlands, and he’s written about many of his trips in the pages of this magazine. His blog, One Swedish Summer, is a fantastic resource on every aspect of long-distance walking.
His latest post, published last week, is all about a trip to the Galloway hills with his hot-tent setup. This may be anathema to lightweight sensibilities but the idea of having a nice big wood-burning stove inside your tent sounds like heaven when the mercury drops below zero. This style of backpacking is all about comfort and experience rather than cranking out big miles at all costs – and Mark makes it look pretty attractive!
It’s also absurdly comfortable and this trip is no exception. For my first couple of nights I find the flattest pitch possible by Loch Dee and set camp. No easy feat, Galloway has some of the roughest ground I’ve encountered. I was warned by my Paddy Dillon guidebook mind, he recounts advice given by the OMM Mountain Marathon which threatens it’s competitors with some of the hardest going in the British hills.
Read the full post here.