Today on the Blogger Network, Peter Dixon extends the classic Fairfield Horseshoe over Red Screes – and enjoys some not-quite-leaving-no-trace wild camping
Peter Dixon’s blog Wanderings Up North is all about lightweight backpacking, often in the Lake District but also further afield (including the TGO Challenge). His trademark is the brightly coloured MLD TrailStar, a classic lightweight shelter that Peter uses on many of his adventures.
In his latest post, he heads up into the Fairfield Horseshoe for a slightly extended version of this well-loved Lakeland itinerary, taking in a snowy wild camp along the way. Sadly his dog Oscar is not up to sharing his adventures any more due to arthritis.
And why was his wild camp not quite leaving no trace?
“Dawn came late, as is the way of the short Nov/Dec days, so I’d had a few brews before some colour had me leaving my down bag and trying to capture some pics, sadly not much snow had fallen. […] Leaving no trace of my camp was a little hard to do this morning [due to the fallen snow].”
Read the full post here.