Today on our Blogger Network, long-distance backpacker and TGO Challenger Colin Ibbotson has announced his attempt to be the first to bag all the Wainwrights and Outlying Fells in one continuous round
If you wanted to slap a label on him, you might call Colin Ibbotson – or ‘Tramplite’ – an ultralight backpacker. His blog is full of trip reports and practical information from many of the world’s top long-distance walks, from the Scottish National Trail to the Arctic Trail and everywhere in between. He also manufactures bespoke lightweight gear.
In his latest post, Colin details his plans for walking a continuous round of the Wainwrights and Outlying Fells in the Lake District – that’s 330 fells in total. Although a few hikers have done all the Wainwrights in one trip, nobody has yet tackled the Outlying Fells as well in the same outing. Colin’s planned route covers 659 miles with an elevation gain of 56,225m:

I must visit the summit of all 330 Fells, where possible. Most Fells are on public, or access land, and there should be no issues  bagging those. Some are on private land which I have no legal right to access, however it appears most landowners tolerate walkers bagging those Fells. The exception to that is Williamson Monument where the landowner strictly refuses all public access. It’s also possible I may be refused access to other private Fells for a number of reasons (perhaps farming work).

With this in mind I will bag all Fells on public and access land and where possible bag those on private land. If access to private land is refused then I will get as near as I can legally to that Fell. I’m hopeful there will only be access issues with the one Fell already mentioned and I will decide what to do about that when the time arrives.