Today on the Blogger Network, mountain writer Mark Horrell pays a visit to the High Atlas

In Mark Horrell’s latest post on Footsteps on the Mountain, the author is in his element. Mark and Edita headed to Morocco over Christmas and New Year, having arranged a trip at short notice, and were not disappointed: despite a lack of snow changing the character of some routes, they succeeded in climbing a number of 4,000m peaks, including Toubkal.
If you’re interested in extending your adventures to bigger overseas trekking peaks, Mark’s excellent longform post, liberally illustrated by photos, is well worth a read. He also namechecks Hamish Brown, legendary Scottish mountain writer and creator of The Great Outdoors Challenge.
Read the full post here.
The snow was not in good condition. There was a hard crust on top, but there was not enough for the slopes to avalanche. The conditions were difficult. The snow was soft underneath, and our crampons were constantly striking rock. We made slow progress, but the pass above us spurred us on, and we expected conditions to be different on the other side.