When does Black Friday 2023 start?

Friday the 24th of November. Mark the day in your calendars as it’s lurking right round the corner and you don’t want to miss this great opportunity to accumulate massive savings. Now, most brands and retailers won’t announce any of their Black Friday deals until much closer to the event with some not doing it until the actual day. However, many of these already have some great offers on, we’ve pointed out some of the best ones on our Best Black Friday Deals.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday traditionally falls the day after Thanksgiving and is obviously on a Friday, Black Friday is an event that marks the unofficial start of the holiday season as it’s your first chance to pick up some present in the lead up to Christmas. During black Friday brands and retailers will offer large discounts on products and services that they offer. These offers are usually quite enticing and make it difficult to turn down, we’ve all seen the images on TV of the large crowds gathering outside the store for opening to make sure they all get a chance of grabbing the best deals. That has calmed down as online shopping has slowly taken over from the traditional high street shopping options.

How long does Black Friday last

Many years ago Black Friday would be a one day opportunity, however as the event has grown, brands and retailers have started to extend this holiday shopping experience to make it last over a whole weekend, with further deals being available over the weekend. This all eventually ends with the last chance to buy and online only experience called cyber monday.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday traditionally occurs on the first Monday after Thanksgiving and is an online only shopping experience, originally intended as a way for smaller retailers and brands to competed with the big high street stores who could maximise their sales from Black Friday custom. Starting in the Early 2000’s after there was a significant spike in internet traffic the Monday after Black Friday, Cyber Monday quickly became a counter part to Black Friday and the second unofficial shopping holiday in the lead up to Christmas. In recent years, the lines between Black Friday and Cyber Monday have blurred, as many retailers offer online deals throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and some even start their online promotions earlier in November.

How do you spot the best Black Friday deals

Well, it depends on what you want, but our advice would be to shop around as much as possible check everywhere from Amazon to smaller retailers or family run retailers who may be giving out better deals and make sure you use a price comparison tool such as Idealo to make sure that the bargain you’re getting it real and you’ve not been lured into the Black Friday Marketing trap!