Find out why Judy Armstrong awarded the Trekmates Taktil Dry Glove ‘Best Buy’ in her review of the best year-round gloves

Trekmates have ticked virtually every box with these gloves. In fact, the only improvement would be to have a women’s specific fit. The Trekmates Taktil Dry Glove is a cold-weather glove courtesy of its silky, almost faux-fur, pile lining, and the DRY Protect waterproof, breathable membrane (5000mm hydrostatic head). But while they’re warm (not to full-winter levels, but fine around the 0C mark), they’re not chunky.

The pre-curved fingers (which are the key) in a box construction plus stretch panels ensure real dexterity, and I found myself reaching for the Trekmates Taktil Dry Glove as first option for the widest variety of activities. So, fingers are abrasion-resistant polyester (the DWR on these didn’t last long but the inners stayed dry all through testing).

The back of the hand and the thumb upper incorporate a big dollop of elastane, so the glove sort of moulds to the hand. Palm and fingers are a supple blend of microfibre and PU which is properly durable, yet still malleable; it looks like suede but is synthetic.

Touch-screen tabs on index finger and thumb tips are rolled over the top so they can press, swipe or poke to activate; because they were slightly long on my stubby fingers I ended up poking with my fingertip rather than the pad, and it still worked. Weirdly, it looks like all the fingers have screen-compatible overlays but only the index and thumb function.

The gauntlet is short with a hook and loop tab; this fits over a thin sleeve and under a waterproof cuff. There are also click tabs to connect the gloves when they’re not being worn. That’s a small but important detail, making it easy to swing them over a hipbelt or side strap when removed.

These were the warmest glove in my test apart from the mitts, and dealt with Reynaud’s down to around 0C, yet were still comfortable, without getting sweaty, up to about +10C. How ironic, that a Unisex glove won Best Buy in a women’s test…