Our mountaineering reviewer, Kirk Watson, climbed high in the snow-covered Cairngorms to review the best two-person tents. On test The North Face Mountain 25 tent

The North Face Mountain 25 is a great tent. I was impressed with how easy it was to put up and how strong and waterproof this tent is. The inner is taut and has plenty of pockets and bits to hang stuff from and good ventilation. It pitches inner first but the inner seems to be shower proof and could probably be used on its own in dry climates. The porch is a good useable size with a nice wee window to see outside.

The outer is bomber and has more guys and pegging places than any other tent reviewed here and holds up to the wind and rain superbly. This I would say is the strongest of all the tents here.

This tent has been well set up to allow for comfortable well organised nights in it so would be excellent for prolonged camping or a base camp. An expensive but superb tent.

Reviewed in May 2015 Issue