These sandals have a stiffer sole than most of those tested, which will suit those who dislike very flexible footwear. The sole is also less curved than others and while I had no problems I didn’t feel my toes were quite as well protected. The cushioning and grip are both very good, making these comfortable sandals suitable for any terrain. The patterned footbed feels fine against the foot and helps stop it slipping. The soft-lined straps are comfortable too. The range of adjustability isn’t as great as on some sandals though and they only just fit my feet.

Those with narrow feet will have no problems. The rear strap can be removed, turning the sandals into slip-ons for casual use. This also means it can be adjusted for fit. The uppers are slightly more substantial than on some sandals with more material connecting the rear and front straps. Despite this these sandals are fairly lightweight.

The Hedgehogs are comfortable, quite light and reasonably priced. If they fit and you like fairly stiff soles they are a good choice.