There’s nothing wrong with the performance of these sandals. They’re comfortable with excellent cushioning and grip. But they’re also the most costly and the heaviest sandals tested and there are less expensive, lighter weight models that perform just as well. The sole is relatively stiff with an internal shank that gives good side-to-side rigidity while still allowing good flex at the forefoot. It’s also quite curved with a slight lip at the toe and a more pronounced one at the heel. Combined with the shaped footbed with deep heel cup, this holds the foot in place well. The footbed is also “mush infused”, which means the top layer is very soft and cushy so the foot sinks into it. The outsole has a deep tread and is made of sticky rubber for good grip on any type of terrain, especially wet rock.

The straps are quite firm and also hold the foot well. The adjustment range is not that great for wide feet at the forefoot. I can just do them up. The straps are slightly padded and feel fi ne against the skin. The leather is waterproof and, at least when new, repels water and so dries fast.