The A10 is a simple compass that’s great value for money. There’s no magnifi er, romer scales, luminous markings, declination adjustment or clinometer and the bezel is smaller than on other compasses and, although serrated, slightly harder to turn when wearing gloves. However taking map bearings is as easy as with any other compass, the base plate is quite long, the direction of travel arrow is larger and clearer than on any of the other compasses, there is a declination scale on the base of the housing and there are four map scales plus a centimetre measure that can be used as a 1:50,000 scale. A curiosity is a snap-off lanyard. Removing it is said to make it easier to use the compass with a map, though I’ve never had problems with a lanyard attached. The A10 is partly global balanced in that one designed for the northern hemisphere “will work for a fair distance into the southern hemisphere, and vice-versa.”