Waterproof jackets don’t need to break the bank. Gear editor Chris Townsend assess the best budget waterproofs. On test Sprayway Nomad waterproof jacket

The Nomad is a functional jacket suitable for year-round use. I especially like the hood, whose wired peak gives excellent protection in big storms and which moves with the head. This hood is better than some on much more expensive jackets. The fabric is soft and comfortable. The pockets are quite roomy and will take maps. However they’re cut off by a hipbelt so only the top third or so can be used when wearing one. Opening them does allow a little ventilation but they are exposed and so have to be closed in rain. The cuffs are close-fitting and so aren’t usable as vents. With everything closed-up I started to feel clammy quite quickly in this jacket (as I did in most of those tested). The weight is reasonable. Worth considering for the hood.

Reviewed in May 2015 Issue