The Challenger is the heaviest bag tested but also the least expensive. The weight and packed bulk make it better suited to car camping than backpacking. The fill feels quite dense but isn’t as thick as on bags with the same temperature range. I found the bag perfectly warm at 10°C and, being a warm sleeper, would expect to be okay at 5°. The bag is reasonably roomy so warm clothes could be worn inside. However, it wasn’t the most comfortable. The polycotton inner feels soft but is rather clinging, which restricts movement. My particular dislike was for the fl eece lining at the foot because my feet got tangled up. The hood fits okay, there’s a thick shoulder baffle and the zip runs freely, though the baffle behind it is rather skimpy – in terms of both thickness and width. There’s also a Velcro-closed pillow pocket in the hood. Despite all the shortcomings, the very low cost makes this bag worth considering if price is a significant factor and it should keep most people warm on summer nights.