The Gobi sandals have been around for quite a few years now and have a well-proven minimalist design. The soft padded straps are very comfortable and when tightened hold the foot reasonably securely. There is a good range of adjustment. Drying time is very fast as the webbing hardly absorbs any moisture.

The sole is quite curved and the footbed has patterned inserts to stop the foot slipping. These are comfortable and work well. Source says the sole “fine tunes grip, durability, shock absorption and weight to a perfect balance” and that the difference is noticeable after just a week of use. Cushioning and grip are good but I didn’t notice any difference with the best of the other sandals. And durability will take much longer to assess. Most of the weight of the sandals (and the weight is about average) is in the sole so I would expect it to last longer than lighter weight soles.

As a simple sandal with minimum foot cover the Gobi is fine. It’s not the lightest or the least expensive but it is comfortable and functional.