The new Terra Scout XT is based on Silva’s established Scout 3XTH head torch – a mid-range model offering a decent level of performance and good features for general hill use. The difference is that the Terra Scout XT is made from hemp and recycled plastics, said to have up to a 90% lower carbon footprint than standard plastics. Although this is a hard claim to test, the material does look and feel unique – it has a slightly rough texture, and an attractive stippled brown appearance. It feels a little warmer and more organic than a standard plastic unit. I think it looks fantastic, and if it’s a more sustainable choice then I’d like to see this material spread across Silva’s entire range.

The battery latch on my pre-production sample of the Terra Scout XT was a bit stiff and didn’t close well, but I’m told this will be solved in production units. You get a large, easy-to-use button as your only control: press once for on, then toggle between low and high beam. A long press turns off, and an even longer press activates red mode. This is simpler than many other torches tested, partly because there are only two brightness modes: low and high. High is nice and bright. Low is brighter than most other torches, which means that battery life is not as good. However, although the torch is only quoted for 32 hours in minimum mode until the brightness dips below 10%, it will actually keep going for twice as long as this on a very low burn. Real-world battery life is fine for general hillwalking, but this would not be my first choice for extended use.

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