As part of of The Great Outdoors magazine’s February 2021 review of winter mountaineering boots, David Lintern reviews the Scarpa Manta Tech

The Manta has been around for decades and over that time has become a classic. The ‘Tech’ suffix here refers to an upgraded upper with less stitching, a rebuilt cuff and a warmer goretex liner than in previous iterations. However, the chances are if you have the old Manta, it’s probably still fine and you won’t be reading this review!

The Manta Tech offers classic B2 stiffness with slight flex at the toes, and is a perfect platform for semi-automatic crampons. It’s a higher volume boot internally, translating into plenty of room in the toes while descending, and there is room for a pair of liner socks to boost warmth (and wicking) still further. It’s also a bulkier boot externally, and perhaps not as precise in the footing as others here, but feels more stable as a result.

The Vibram rubber sole unit is harder than some here but still grippy enough, and that  robustness, alongside a higher profile wraparound rand, means you can kick steps and edge into snow and ice with confidence.

There’s not a great deal of padding inside (which means less to wet out) but they are still very comfortable to wear. The lacing system is simple and traditional, with a single semi-locking cleat at the ankle, but ‘if it ain’t broke’… there’s ample adjustment to remove heel lift and compensate for my unequally sized feet.

The Manta is the heaviest boot in the test. That weight is noticeable in the hand but all but disappears when wearing them, except perhaps when descending at the end of the day. They will prove exceptionally durable.

This product has been awarded our ‘Recommended’ endorsement.