With a higher ankle and chunkier soles than most of the boots tested the Scarpa Kailash look substantial and solid yet are actually not that heavy. The uppers are mostly suede with only small areas of fabric. There are quite a few seams but none in the most vulnerable places. The toe has a solid bumper and there’s a stiff external heel counter. Much of the weight of the boot is in the solid sole. The outer section with the tread is quite a bit thicker than in most boots and above it is an effective cushioning wedge. The grip is good and this looks to be a sole that will last well. The sole is also stiff, one of the stiff est tested, with quite a firm forefoot fl ex and only a tiny amount of side-to-side flex.

The inner is lightly padded and this plus the thicker than average outer and the Gore-Tex membrane makes them warm. The boots are quite wide and the fit is roomy. I can wear them with thick socks. Given the stiffness and warmth I’d personally use these boots on cold and wintry days, although Scarpa do not class the Kailash as a winter model. While the quality is good, the price is high for a suede/fabric pair of walking boots.