These are light – lightest of the four specific all-day trousers – and comfortable, I’d happily wear these on good days and bad. Hand pockets are reasonably deep, cut is good, the waist comfortable, leg movement is unrestricted and the PU membrane lining is comfortably soft against the skin. The price is perhaps on the high side, though others are more costly.

The cargo pocket on the thigh is just wide enough for a paper OS 1:25,000 map but not for one in a waterproof case which is a tad ironic given the trousers’ purpose. Hard-driven rain, however, will penetrate and accumulate between the outer fabric and the hung membrane; I found myself unwittingly hauling extra water around my ankles. Small amounts, admittedly, which will drain as you walk, though if you step from the rain into a dry building – let’s say, oooh, a pub – you risk trailing puddles en route to the bar. Not ideal.