Wild Stripes

Unisex Sweetshop zippy



Wild Stripes was started in 2010 in New Zealand by Claire Templar who wanted technical baselayers, and thermal underwear, that, frankly, looked a bit funky. But also at the heart of it was an environmental and ethical policy which, among other aspects eschews the individual packaging and swing tags. 

What of the garments themselves? Well they are certainly fun (and when was the last time I described a piece of clothing as fun?!).

There’s a wide wariety of men’s, women’s and children’s thermal underwear, beanies, neck gaiters (like buffs) all made from polypropylene, a common fabric for baselayers. It wicks well, is lightweight and very quick drying. It also doesn’t smell quite as bad as some synthetic fibres.

We’ve tested the long-sleeved Sweetshop Zippy (£40) running and walking and found it very comfortable against the skin. It’s also pretty warm, and works well under a wind shell and warms well, but it’s also light enough to wear on all but the very hottest days. It’s also long so it tucks in well.

There’s a quarter length zip, but no zipper garage under the chin, but it didn’t seem to be a problem. There are thumb loops if you like. The sleeves aren’t raglan, not are the seams flatlocked, so it could dig in after a day under a heavy rucksack, but the material is so soft and light it wasn’t a problem with a day sack on.

A good and versatile buy from a young company that puts the environmental at the heart of its ethics.