In the June 2016 issue of The Great Outdoors Chris Townsend tested a range of bags for spring to autumn. Find out why this was chosen as one of his recommended buys

The Fuse-6 is an unusual bag as the fill is a combination of down and synthetic. I’ve included it with the down bags as 70% of the fill is down and it feels most like a down bag. The down is hydrophobic. Vango says it’s “ethically sourced – humanely collected from birds that have not been subject to any unnecessary harm.” The synthetic 30% of the fill is said to form an interlinked lattice that supports the down and achieves better loft.

The bag is close-fitting – one you turn over with, not in. It’s designed, like many mummy bags, on the assumption that the user sleeps lying on their back, something I never do. The upper of the bag is bigger than the lower section, so the zip and seams are at ground level when the bag is lying flat. Of course they don’t stay there when the bag moves with you. I found it comfortable enough lying on my side though. The hood snugs round the head well and the drawcord is easy to use, as is the one on the draft collar. The zip doesn’t snag.

The Fuse -6 is heavier than some alternatives for the warmth provided. It’s also much less expensive however, and good value for money. My only concern is durability. Synthetic fills don’t usually last as long as down so I wonder how this combination of the two will fare.

Reviewed June 2016