Chris Townsend reviews a burly pack for big loads.

This review is part of our mid-size packs gear guide, and was first published in the Spring 2019 issue of The Great Outdoors.

By far the heaviest pack tested in our Spring 2018 comparative review – the only one over 2kg – the F10 PCT is a roomy pack suitable for big loads. The wide thick stiffened hipbelt will easily support 18-20kg. The twin frame bars transmit the weight to the belt well. As with other adjustable back packs with two frame bars the shoulder yoke slides up and down the bars. The frame itself isn’t that long – much shorter than the Exped Explore – and I found the longest harness length the best fit. This isn’t a pack for those with long backs. If it fits it’s comfortable and supportive.

The PCT is made from a fairly thick fabric that should prove quite durable. There’s a zip-round front panel so access to all the contents is easy. This U-shaped zip has two pullers so you can open it at any point. There are two fairly large zipped bellows side pockets too plus a big lid pocket. There’s no front pocket though, just two sets of daisychain loops for attaching items. The lid extends but isn’t detachable – there’s a large piece of nylon protecting the gap at the back.

The PCT is comfortable and the price is reasonable. For big loads it’s not a bad choice. It is heavy though.