In the June 2016 issue of The Great Outdoors Chris Townsend tested a range of bags for spring to autumn. And this came out as the Best Buy

Tundra is a new company whose sleeping bags are filled with ‘ethical down’, which Tundra says is from “farms where the geese and ducks swim on ponds and rivers living in natural conditions. These birds are kept for breeding and live to an old age. The down is collected from the nests of these mature birds ensuring high quality down and compassionate treatment of the birds.” The bags are made to order in Poland and are only available direct from Tundra. ‘Ethical down’ sounds excellent. Are the bags any good though? Well, the one I’ve been testing certainly is.

The Pure & Dry -5 is the lightest of the Pure & Dry expedition series. The warmest is rated to -40. As it is I used the -5 over the last winter and found the rating accurate. I reckon I’d be warm a few degrees below -5 in fact. The bag is much roomier than most mummy bags and doesn’t taper as much to the foot. I can easily turn over in it. I didn’t notice any cold spots though and the extra space did make the bag feel very comfortable and more like sleeping under a duvet than in a confining bag. For anyone who finds close-fitting sleeping bags restrictive, this bag would be a good choice. The bag has extra down in the foot area for more warmth here – my feet did overheat one night. The zip is a two-way one so I was able to open it at the bottom and let some heat out.

The bag also has a differential cut – the inner is smaller than the outer, which is meant to help the down loft better. The inner lining is soft and feels pleasant against the skin. It has an antimicrobial treatment which would be useful on very long trips. The outer is waterproof (though the bag isn’t as the seams aren’t taped) which as well as repelling drips and spills should help with the warmth as it slows down warm air escaping. It’s quite breathable however and I’ve not noticed any dampness inside the bag. The zip doesn’t snag and there’s a thick baffle behind it. The hood and draft collar drawcords are easy to use. The shaped hood fits the head well and is very comfortable.

The weight of the Pure & Dry -5 is low for the warmth and the price is excellent for a top quality down bag.

Reviewed June 2016