Very stretchy and close-fitting with heavy-duty reinforcements on the seat, knees and ankles these trousers are designed for mountaineering and scrambling. The fabrics feel tough and should prove durable. However I didn’t find the trousers very comfortable next to the skin, especially at the knees where the patches rub a little. The fabric isn’t very windproof either, which may be fine in the Pyrénées (Trangoworld is a Spanish company) but isn’t so good in the Scottish Highlands. The roomy zipped pockets are good and I like the side vents. The long ankle zips and knee patches mean shortening these trousers would be difficult. However they weren’t too long for me so you’d have to have very short legs to need to do so. 

First published: Sept 2013

For mountaineering the Prote UU trousers should be fine, as long as it’s not too windy. I don’t think a design like this is really needed for hillwalking. They are very expensive too.