In the June 2016 issue of The Great Outdoors Chris Townsend tested a range of bags for spring to autumn. Find out why he chose this as a Recommended buy

The problem with synthetic sleeping bags is that none of the various fills is anywhere near as warm as down for a given weight. If you want a lightweight synthetic bag it’s not going to be that warm. The Lynx is one of the better ones I’ve tried in that respect in recent years. It’s lightweight and reasonably warm though you still need clothes in it on sub-zero nights unless you’re a very warm sleeper. It is quite roomy so there is room for insulated clothing. I can turn over easily in it.

The design is good. The hood fits well and has a thick draft tube that fits round the face to keep heat in rather than a draft collar. I like this tube as it feels snug and really adds to the warmth. The hood drawcord is easy to use. The hood draft tube continues down the bag behind the zip, a neat design point. The shell fabrics are soft and I’ve found the Lynx comfortable.

For the weight the Lynx is warm for a synthetic bag. The price is good too.