Chris Townsend, Gear Editor for The Great Outdoors, gives his assessment of The North Face’s lightweight sandal

With four adjustable straps, two of them linked together, it’s easy to get a precise fit with these sandals by The North Face. The strips of Velcro are long too so there’s a wide range of adjustments possible. In fact there’s not much to the uppers other than Velcro covered webbing. The sole unit is rather more substantial. The footbed is almost flat with only a slight curve at the toe and heel. It’s patterned to stop the foot sliding around. The cushioning is good and almost as thick at the forefoot as the heel. These sandals are the closest to having a zero drop between heel and toe of any of those tested.

In use I can’t say I’ve noticed this though. The sole is relatively stiff – it hinges under the instep which is odd but again this isn’t noticeable in use. Size tens were provided for the test and in this case the size is accurate, the sandals being longer than size nines and a little long for me (though this means my toes are in no danger of sliding off the ends). The price is low, making the Litewaves good value for money.