TGO’s Will Renwick gives these sandals for men and women the thumbs up

These are comfortable sandals which I’ve found to be a very good option for day hiking in warm conditions.

The two Velcro hoop straps are easy to adjust and more importantly they keep the foot in place well, and the full-grain leather on the back of the heel is a nice touch.

The sole is thick and it provides almost as much cushioning as a normal walking shoe. It combines an EVA foam topsole with Teva’s Float-Lite outsole, all-in-all meaning the sandals can be trusted on jagged terrain. At first I found there was a bit of sliding on top of the sole with any moisture build up, however, they quickly molded to my feet and cradled them well. The diamond-pattern grip seems to give good grip.

As well as being good for day hiking, at 460g per pair these aren’t a bad option for multi-day hiking either, being a light enough weight to carry in a backpack for evening wear or for river crossings.