How did they get on in our comparative review? 

These sandals by Teva are heavy and rugged, feeling substantial and chunky compared with the others I tested for my comparative review. This is the fourth version of the Terra sandals, the first appearing many years ago, and the range has a reputation for durability and excellent performance. The Terra Fi 4 sandals are no exception – as you’d expect given the weight and cost.The well-padded leather straps hold the feet firmly in place and are adjustable at the forefoot, instep and heel.

The weight is in the solid sole unit. This has a suede footbed, which is good for absorbing sweat, and thick PU cushioning with an extra shock absorbing pad in the heel. The outsole has a deep tread and is made of sticky rubber for grip.

The sole is curved with a raised lip at the heel though not at the toe. It’s stiff side-to-side. It does flex at the forefoot, though it’s stiffer here than most sandals. Given the weight these are not sandals for wearing all day – I’d want a lighter pair for campwear and stream fords.