Suprabeam’s headtorch was put to the test by Chris Townsend and it proved a ‘Recommended Buy’

The V3 air is a tough, powerful headtorch with the longest throw of any of the headtorches tested. This is partly because when in spot mode the beam is very narrow. The unit has a couple of unusual and effective features. The lamp housing and the control button are both made of aluminium for durability. The lamp housing operates as a zoom. It has a ribbed edge and can be used easily when wearing gloves. As you pull it out the beam narrows from flood to spot. The button is under the lamp and although small it’s easy to use when wearing gloves as it’s quite pronounced. You press and hold to turn the lamp on and adjust the brightness.

The headtorch has a memory and comes on at the setting it was at when last switched off. So if you had it on high power it will come on like that and pressing the button will cause it to dim. The range is 15-150 lumens. A second press switches on the boost mode of 250 lumens, a third press the SOS fl ash mode. There is no red light. The V3 air has a rear battery pack with a soft, easy to remove cover.

The threepart headband is comfortable and easy to adjust. The lamp unit pivots through 85°. The quality is excellent and this water-resistant headtorch should last well. The price is quite low for such a well-made and powerful light but the weight is quite high.