It was the cheapest and lightest headtorch on test, but how did it stand up in review?

This lightweight headtorch is the cheapest tested yet still quite powerful. It’s also the only headtorch tested with a non-removable rechargeable battery. I have to say I don’t like this because of the problem of recharging out in the hills. You can carry a battery pack but this has to be attached to the headtorch and it takes time to recharge it. I can’t see anyone wanting to use the headtorch with a battery pack attached. I think any rechargeable battery should be removable so a spare can be carried.

The Sunix has four modes – spot with the central LED, fl ood with the two side white LEDs, red with two side red LEDs ,and fl ash. There is no means for dimming or increasing the brightness. The lamp unit pivots around 45°. The attachment to the headband doesn’t seem that strong however and part of the plastic through which the headband is threaded has already cracked.

The protective cover over the USB connection is only attached with a very thin bit of rubber that I suspect could easily break if pulled hard. Headtorches do need to stand up to rough treatment at times – you don’t want to have to worry about treating it gently in a storm! Comfort on the head is good.

The control button is easy to use with gloves on but I wouldn’t want to try and connect a power pack to the tiny USB connector in the cold.