The Mountain Rain Pants were just about the most comfortable over-trousers tested, even when worn against bare skin on days when I’ve pulled them over shorts. Despite the reasonably heavy-duty fabric, I found them not only light but also comfortable enough to use all-day if necessary. It’s not as silky-smooth as fabrics used by Páramo, and is still a tad crinkly for wearing to weddings and funerals but otherwise, I’m sold. The waist is spot-on. It’s elasticated, with elastic drawcord fine-tuning, and sat just right with no rubbing, and no shifting up or down. The trousers pull on over boots reasonably easily and the knee-high zips’ rear storm flap prevents snagging on the fabric.

The lack of pockets is perhaps a disadvantage though I don’t tend to use them much on days when I’m more focussed on getting out of the rain.

These are not the lightest, most affordable or least bulky but on comfort, among the over-trousers, they do stand out.