The idea of waterproof walking trousers that can be worn all day is very appealing. No need to carry overtrousers, no struggling hastily into them when a downpour starts, just continue walking knowing your legs will stay dry. As the name says, that’s the purpose of these trousers. To achieve a comfortable garment that feels like ordinary trousers rather than overtrousers Sprayway has put a waterproof drop liner inside a pair of thin stretch nylon trousers. The drop liner is only attached at the waist and ankle and so hangs free. It’s made from a soft, stretchy polyester that feels pleasant against the skin.

The fit is quite slim and the length just too long for me but not so much that I couldn’t wear them. Shaped knees, a crotch gusset and the stretch fabric allow good freedom of movement. They are wind and waterproof and reasonably warm, about right for autumn and spring and mild winter days but not blizzards or sub zero cold. In temperatures above around 10ºC they are too warm. And they can be too warm in colder temperatures when walking fast or climbing steeply and soon become a little clammy inside. I’d say they are ideal for gentle walking and low level strolls but not for strenuous hillwalking when more breathable trousers and separate waterproof overtrousers are a better combination.