MY 36A TRANSLATED to size Medium with the adjustable shoulder straps let out to maximum. This was a perfect fit, with ample support, and no pressure on neck, shoulders or armpits. Two fabric layers provide next-to-skin comfort and good moisture transfer.

Using polyester and nylon as the outer also gives durability; this weight of Merino is quite fragile, so the synthetic outer will give longevity: important, at this price. A wide, Merino-covered elastic band (3.5cm) is secure under the breasts for support but the stretch prevents ribcage restriction.

Seamless cup linings have varied knit textures and are distinct so breasts aren’t squashed together. I ran, skied, climbed and hiked in this top, expected it to get sweaty and stay wet, and it didn’t. I love it, and it’s pretty enough to wear solo.

Words: Judy Armstrong