The Fusion 65 was launched a year ago and I used it on the TGO Challenge last May. Unlike most lightweight packs no limit is given for the maximum weight it can handle. Instead Six Moon Designs says it will ‘comfortably carry whatever the pack will hold’, a bold claim. To this end the Fusion 65 has a new back system with a tapered framesheet with a central metal strut. This transfers the weight well to the hipbelt, which I think is key to the carrying comfort. This hipbelt is stiff and wide and very supportive, being more like those found on bigger, heavier packs than most lightweight ones. On the TGO Challenge I carried 15-18kg and the Fusion 65 handled it well, my hips and shoulders never feeling sore. The pack proved very stable on rough ground too.

The Fusion 65 is made from a new material that’s starting to appear in packs called Robic, which is said to be even tougher than Dyneema. The pack design is good for organising gear as it has six pockets. It’s wider at the top than the base too, making it easier to find stuff and keeping the weight higher in the pack, which is better for comfort and stability. The capacity is meant to be 65 litres but that includes all the pockets and the extension collar. On the TGO Challenge I just managed to get all my gear inside plus five days food. Reviewing the pack last year I said I’d love to see one with a true 65 litre main compartment. I’m delighted to say that this is happening and such a pack should appear in the late summer. There’ll be a new Fusion 65 and this model will be rebranded as the Fusion 50. Other changes will include larger side pockets, a new women’s yoke and extra small hipbelt, and a lighter, stronger aluminium strut. To my relief there’ll also be new colours including green and grey. The current bright white and gold colour is my only real complaint about the pack.

As it is the Fusion 65 is already one of the best lightweight packs around, especially if you sometimes carry more than 15kg. It’s available from Ultralight Outdoor Gear in the UK