Many (many) years ago, I lived, quite literally, in Ronhill Tracksters. Everyone did; there wasn’t much choice. So when I visited my local outdoor shop and asked for the best-selling women’s trousers, I did a double-take when I was handed these. The reason for their popularity, I was told, was the fit: they are light, comfortable and so stretchy that they fit all shapes. I can report that they are, and they do. Ten percent Spandex provides a high degree of stretch and ensures a snug fit. This is comfortable, but be sure that your knickers can withstand polyester pressing against your nether regions. Personally, I find they get rather warm down there after a couple of hours, which can lead to friction. The stretchy waistband is flat and wide with a zip fly and low-profile stud, plus belt loops. Two front zip pockets are well placed and easy to open. Knees are dart-articulated and the cuffs are straight so simple to hem, provided you can handle the stretchy fabric. There is no wind resistance and my thighs got cold in winter; moisture (mist, wet brambles, etc) beaded nicely off the replenishable DWR coating. A favourite in my outdoor arsenal, provided I have the underwear sorted.

First published: Spring 2013