Will Renwick tests out the bushcraft smock with hiking in mind

The Pintail Smock comes from a New Zealand-based company that specialises in kit for survivalists. It’s tough and good for retaining warmth, like most bushcraft jackets, but it’s also surprisingly light (800g) and packable making it a realistic option for hiking with.

Unlike typical hiking jackets which have a smooth, hard shell layer on the outside, this uses a soft, almost fleece-like tricot fabric. The waterproof lining is then underneath –part of a construction called Quiet-Tec. While this construction is comfortable and very waterproof I found it didn’t shed water well as the outer layer seems to ‘wet out’ quite quickly and in turn the breathability is hindered.

The mesh handwarmer pockets are oversized and very comfortable and the big front pouch was useful, especially considering the jacket can be packed into it. Also worth noting is the high-volume adjustable hood which has a peak that leans right over the face to offer good protection.

As a whole the protection provided is excellent and I’ve therefore found it a very dependable jacket for cold and wet conditions. I wouldn’t recommend it for use during strenuous activities or for warm conditions though.

It’s available in two colours and in a wide range of sizes.