This is a lovely bag, one of the best I’ve ever used. It’s easily the warmest for the weight of all those tested and also one of the most comfortable. It packs small too. I used it on my Scottish Watershed walk last year and it kept me warm in temperatures down to 2°C. I even found it a touch too warm in temperatures over 10°C and slept with the zip undone – some people will find this astounding with a bag that only weighs 647g.

If money is no object then go for this sleeping bag, especially if you’re a cold sleeper. There are much less costly bags that approach it in performance though.

The superb warmth for weight is a combination of an innovative internal structure, top quality down and ultralight shell fabrics. This bag swells up the instant it’s taken out of the stuffsack in a way that other bags just don’t. The light inner fabric clings to the body too, cutting out dead air spots, but doesn’t restrict movement as there’s plenty of room inside. The design is also good with a comfortably shaped hood, a filled collar, a thick baffle behind the zip and a big shaped foot.

First published: July 2014