David Lintern tested the RAB Forge 160 as part of our review of the best year-round gloves. Here’s his verdict

The Rab Forge 160 is one of two ‘true’ liner gloves in my selection. This one is a mix of (non mulesed) merino wool and polyester, at a ratio of 46/54%, of which 35% of the polyester is recycled. As a result, it dries slightly more slowly than a fully synthetic equivalent but is much warmer for its weight. At any rate, it’s so thin that it should dry in a sleeping bag or jacket pocket overnight.

As with much of Rab’s kit, the cut is slim and tall – the fingers and cuff especially so – so you can indulge your inner Audrey Hepburn while donning these! As you might expect with a thin liner, dexterity isn’t an issue, but I fail on the elegance front, and find the fingers of the Rab Forge 160 too long for precise tasks. The material is touch screen friendly, but my shorter fingers don’t fill the gloves.

I’ve noticed a little piling on my sample after just 3 months use, but otherwise the Rab Forge 160 are well made and provide a reassuring amount of breathable warmth for their weight. The brand are Fair Wear members, achieving ‘good’ status, meaning they are working to improve working conditions in their supply chain.

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