This down jacket, available in men’s and women’s versions, received a Recommended Buy stamp when tested by our expert gear reviewer Judy Armstrong

In this jacket, Rab uses down clusters treated by Nikwax to become hydrophobic (water-repelling). The Pertex outer fabric is also treated, making the overall jacket impressively resistant to moisture from inside and out. Testing has shown that treating the clusters helps them retain loft, absorb 90% less moisture (leading to faster drying times) and extending durability: all winners.

This jacket is very lightweight for the amount of down fill: of the 295g total, 112g of down is used in a size 12. The high lofting nature of 850-fill is noticeable; it feels feather-light. Still, it is fully-featured: large, zipped hand pockets plus a useful chest pocket, hem shockcord and an excellent hood.

This has a soft peak and full adjustment at back and sides, so it snugs to your head. The front zip has a fleece chinguard so moisture from breath doesn’t make it slimy which is good news because, when fully fastened with the hood up, it covers my mouth. This adds to the cocooned feeling; yet with the hood down, there is enough room in the collar for the zipped-up jacket to nestle comfortably under my chin. It’s a fabulous blend of low weight with high warmth, using technologically-advanced fabrics and plenty of design features. For a 100% down jacket that can be carried or worn in cold conditions, this is definitely a go-to.