Will Renwick gives his assessment of the Primus Lite+ stove

I’ve been using the Primus Lite+ stove for around a year now and I’ve been impressed.

It’s an all-in-one design featuring a lightweight aluminium pot (500ml) with a built in burner at the bottom, a heat exchanger, a plastic lid, and foot supports. It also has a Velcro sealed G-1000 wrap around fabric with a strap handle that can also be adapted to work as a hanging strap.

Some all-in-one stoves can tend to be quite top heavy and therefore a little unnerving when you’re boiling water in wind or in a cramped tent porch. The Primus Lite+ isn’t, it’s got a compact burner that creates a much lower profile. With a standard 10cm high gas canister the total height is 27.5cm. It’s also lightweight for an all-in-one system, weighing 390g altogether.

The triangular heat exchanger attaches easily and securely to the burner on the bottom of the pot by a simple twist-lock, and it’s very simple to light thanks to its piezo spark ignition – good for people like me who have been known to forget a lighter or matches.

I found the stove itself quite powerful and also fuel efficient. Boil times with it have tended to between three and four minutes.

The Primus Lite+ also has the potential to accommodate a frying pan as there are three little screws on the pot handle which can be removed and added to the heat exchanger to act as little supports.

I’d recommend this as an option for solo or two-person backpacking.