Chris Townsend gives his assessment of the Powermonkey Explorer 2 as part of a comparative review of the latest portable rechargers on the market

This armoured cylindrical recharger has a ridged metal case that feels very tough and is secure to hold. It’s apparently strong enough to support the weight of a Land Rover! There’s a small LCD screen that shows the capacity as a percentage, which is much more precise than four or five LED lights, and an on/off button. A long cable protrudes from one end that becomes two cables three-quarters of the way along its length, ending in micro USB in and out connectors with water- and dust-proof covers. There are also two separate USB in and out connectors that fit onto the micro USB ones for use when recharging the Explorer 2 or attaching another cable such as one for an Apple device.

The cables can be wrapped around the recharger and secured with the attached piece of Velcro to prevent tangling. The flexible cable is easy to use with all my devices. The end of the recharger unscrews to reveal a plastic cover that, when pulled off gives access to micro USB and standard USB ports. These can also be used for recharging the Explorer or for charging a device but of course the Explorer is not then waterproof as the cover is off.

The Explorer 2 is exceptionally water and dust-proof. Powertraveller says it can be submerged for half an hour in a metre of water, which should mean it’ll cope with the odd dunking in a stream or puddle as well as any amount of rain.

Reviewed: March 2016