With this jacket Patagonia has gone for maximum breathability rather than maximum weather protection. And it certainly is very breathable, making it comfortable in a wide range of temperatures and good for wearing under a waterproof shell. Patagonia says the outer protects from ‘all but blasting winds’. Those occur often in the Cairngorms! I haven’t found it that windproof anyway and have needed a shell over it when I wouldn’t have done with more windproof ones. The shell fabrics are soft and have a matt finish rather than the usual slick shiny one, making the jacket very comfortable. The fabrics stretch too, as does the fill, so the jacket can be close-fitting and still move with you. The hood fits well and is warm but the lack of drawcords means it can blow back on the head in strong winds. The lower pockets can just be used when wearing a hipbelt, though the bottom of them is cut off. The chest pockets are quite small – okay for compass or phone but not much more. Warmth is about the same as a midweight fleece.