Mountain instructor, Kirk Watson looked at Paramo’s waterproof

Fit: This is a closer, more athletic fit than Páramo’s classic style. Firstly I have to say the jacket was not great for my ego when I had to go from a Large in my previous Páramo (Aspira) to an XXL to get one to fit! Once I got over my bruised ego, the fi t was good. The sleeves seem very long but the jacket certainly does not rise up when you reach up with your arms. Cuff fastenings could be slightly stronger.

Material: The Enduro, made with Nikwax Analogy, is supremely waterproof and breathable, and you can reproof it as often as you need. Reproofing is very effective and can prolong the jacket’s life for years of frequent use. However, I did find that with the new design, I seemed to get a little condensation pooling in the elbows when shifting up a mountain using poles in the heavy rain. This may be due to the slightly tighter fit of these jackets, which reduces the fl ow of air compared to the usual Páramo fit. Or it might relate to the high volume of material in the forearm. If you’re unfamiliar with Páramo, it’s worth noting that the thicker materials used in their waterproofs are often bulkier and heavier than you might be used to. As a result you’ll need a different layering system to avoid overheating. You can usually get away with fewer layers under a Páramo jacket than other rain shells. Hence it is the heaviest jacket here but you can save weight as you won’t need as many undergarments.

Hood: Good vision all around. Fits a helmet beautifully underneath. I found the peak a little floppy though.

Pockets: Páramo have moved from their big front Kangaroo pouch to two chest pockets – one Velcro and one with a zip. There is also a small internal pocket for valuables. I wasn’t sure of the advantages of the Velcro pocket, though Páramo say it’s designed for fast access. All the pockets are slimline and neat, but big enough for a map and compass.

Venting: This has good vents under the arms, away from the armpits, which work well.

Price: It seems expensive but the price is good for a jacket that will last a very long time.

Conclusion: This is an amazing waterproof. It’s my jacket of choice in horizontal rain or blizzard conditions as I’ll be warm and dry every time. A few little tweaks would make it better but I have no hesitation in giving it five stars because of its ability to stand up to bad weather.

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Reviewed in October 2015 issue