The Torres is a thick, warm jacket suitable for the coldest days. Whilst it’s heavier and bulkier than many of the garments tested it’s also much, much warmer. I’ve worn it while sitting round in wet snow and cold rain and it’s felt snug and comfortable. It’s very much a camp and rest stop garment unless you really feel the cold. It would have to be extremely cold before I could walk far in it without overheating.

Unlike many synthetic insulated garments the Torres is sized to fit over all your other layers including the shell, hence the Overlaying name. This works really well when you pause on a freezing windswept summit. I can comfortably wear the medium size Torres over a Páramo waterproof jacket.

The Torres is filled with Páramo’s own synthetic insulation, which feels soft and comfortable. The polyester shell is windproof and water-resistant. The garment doesn’t soak up much rain anyway and dries fast when wet. The design is excellent. It’s longer than most of the garments tested for more protection, the insulated handwarmers are very roomy and the inner pocket will take a map and is a good place to store damp gloves so they can dry. The adjustable hood is roomy and will fit over a waterproof jacket hood.

First published: Oct 2014