Chris Townsend tests an ultralight but expensive pack

This review is part of our mid-size packs gear guide, and was first published in the Spring 2019 issue of The Great Outdoors.

Both the lightest and the most expensive pack tested, the Levity 45 is in many ways an astonishing design. Ultralight packs at this weight and less have been around for a while but they usually have fairly simple back systems, often with no frame or padding. However the Levity has a curved frame and a tensioned mesh backband, not something I’ve seen in a pack anywhere near this light before.  The frame is quite stiff and supportive too. The shoulder straps are well-padded but the hipbelt is quite thin and the wide sections don’t come far round the hips. I found the pack comfortable with loads up to 10kg. Above that and the weight started to press uncomfortably on my hips.

The weight of the pack is kept down by the fabrics and the components. The main part of the pack is made from silicone nylon that’s so thin that it’s translucent. This is protected by the pockets and the lid which are made from thicker fabric and which wrap around much of the pack. These pockets are quite roomy but they don’t stretch. The lid has a roomy pocket too. It’s fixed in place and only just covers the pack when it’s really full.

For ultralight backpacking the Levity is a good pack. It is expensive though.

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