Having really liked the Nigor Zero G (it was Best Buy in the Superlight Packs review in the Spring issue) I was looking forward to trying the much bigger Gravity 70…

Sadly, I was disappointed. I just couldn’t get it really comfortable, I think because the frame is too stiff and not curved enough and there isn’t enough separation between it and your back. A rigid tubular frame runs across the top of the back and down the sides. There’s also a more flexible single frame bar in the centre of the back with stiffened foam pad in front of it. The tubular frame is almost straight, which makes for a fl at back that doesn’t fl ex or move with you. I could always feel the pad pushing against my back. It wasn’t desperately uncomfortable but it was irritating.

The back system does transfer the load well to the well-padded hipbelt, which is excellent. Only one back length is available but the shoulder harness is adjustable. Although claimed to be 70 litres the pack isn’t as big as the Montane Grand Tour 70. There is a lower compartment and seven external pockets for gear access and organisation. The two zipped front pockets are quite small though and I find it strange that Nigor didn’t put a large zipped pocket like the one on the Zero G here instead.

The Dyneema fabric is lightweight and its durability is well-proven. The Gravity 70 is the most expensive pack tested. It should last well though and it’s not a bad pack. I just didn’t get on with the fit. That might just be me.

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Reviewed in October 2015 issue