Chris Townsend doesn’t rate this backpacking tent as an option for UK hills

MSR says this is the lightest two-person tent they’ve ever made. The internal space and the weight are the best features. It’s also quite easy to pitch. However it’s not suitable for British conditions. Our weather is just too wet, windy and humid. For sheltered, low-humidity areas like the High Sierra it’s probably fine but not for a wet British hillside. I’d take it on the John Muir Trail but not the Pennine Way.

The Flylite is a single-skin tent with a sewn in groundsheet. There are mesh front, side and rear panels with winds of waterproof fabric protecting them. However these mesh panels don’t prevent condensation building-up.

Although tapered the Flylite is not very aerodynamic and strong winds can push the big, flat roof panel downwards so it touches you or your sleeping bag. At the same time strong winds can blow through the mesh panels, making it cold inside. Horizontal rain can enter too though I’ve only had slight drips. Because the nylon sags when wet rain can pool on the flat roof too. This hasn’t leaked yet but a hydrostatic head of 1200mm isn’t much.

Whilst the inner has enough room for two people to sleep there isn’t much storage space. As there’s no porch all gear has to come inside or be left outside whatever the weather. The large overhang above the door doesn’t give much protection to gear in rain. And if you need to cook in a storm there’s nowhere sheltered to do so.