The Exodus really is an ultralight pack, the only one weighing under 1kg reviewed. I used the standard version, which has no frame or back padding, last summer for Terry Abraham’s Backpacking In The Lake District With Chris Townsend DVD and it was fine with loads up to 11kg, the maximum recommended by Mountain Laurel Designs. If you need to carry more then this version is designed for loads up to 14kg (and I reckon is okay, just, for 16kg). The main difference lies in the addition of an inflatable frame that fits into a sleeve inside the pack (standard versions lack this sleeve so the frame can’t be fitted). The LSU version also has load lifter straps above the shoulder straps and a slightly larger padded hipbelt. The inflatable frame is a very tight fit in its pocket so it can transfer the weight to the hips. It’s surprisingly firm and really does make a difference. Because of the tight fit it’s not easy to remove to use as a sitmat. In fact in camp if you want to use it as an extension to your sleeping mat it’s easiest to leave it in the pack and take all the contents out of the latter. A repair kit is provided just in case of a puncture.

The pack itself has roomy pockets, a roll-top that this year fastens with studs and buckles, and plenty of attachment points for the provided shockcord. Optional hipbelt pockets and a lid are available – I used these with the standard version and they are well worth having.

The pack is only available direct from Mountain Laurel Designs in the USA. If you want a comfortable ultralight pack for loads up to around 15kg it’s an excellent choice.