Chris Townsend reviews a lightweight waterproof with an active fit.

This review is part of our lightweight waterproofs gear guide, and was first published in the May 2019 issue of The Great Outdoors.

The new Gandiva jacket is made from a new version of Gore-Tex Paclite. Paclite Plus has a matt dry- touch inner that feels much nicer against the skin than standard Paclite. The fabric is soft and flexible. Breathability is pretty good.

The design is good too. The hood has a big, stiff peak that gives great protection and doesn’t restrict side vision. The cuffs are wide enough for venting. The pockets are map-sized and sit above a hipbelt.

The pocket bags are Paclite so any rain getting through the water-resistant zips shouldn’t penetrate the jacket. On a card in one of the pockets Mountain Equipment concedes ‘in exceptionally wet conditions water may get into the pocket’ and advises that sensitive items should be stored in a waterproof bag: sensible advice applying to all pockets with unprotected water-resistant zips. If only other companies pointed this out too.

The Gandiva has an ‘active fit’, meaning the sizing is on the small side. Even the Large only just fits me over a thin fleece.

Other than the small sizing there’s nothing to fault with the Gandiva.

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