Chris Townsend assesses Montane’s merino wool baselayer

Primino is a bicomponent fabric with merino wool on the inside to pull moisture vapour and sweat off the skin, and Primaloft and polyester on the outside to spread the moisture rapidly over the surface so it can evaporate quickly.Recommended

The fabric works well and is soft and comfortable. It has a Polygiene antibacterial treatment. Merino wool doesn’t smell anyway but I guess a garment that is 50% synthetic could do so.

The top has a snug collar and a zip for ventilation (which could be longer). There are no shoulder seams. Montane describe it as having a ‘close body fit’ and it does.

The medium is fine on me next to the skin but I couldn’t wear it over any other garment. The fabric does stretch so the close fit isn’t restrictive.

The length is good and I’ve had no problems with it riding up. The sleeves are very slightly on the short side though and do ride up a little when I stretch.

This is fairly low in cost for a 50% merino wool top and also quite light. For autumn to spring use it’s a good choice.

Reviewed December 2015