The Prolighter is designed for mountaineering rather than backpacking. This pack is roomy, but it’s not really suitable for loads above 12-15kg as the hipbelt is too thin and soft for heavier weights (it’s designed to be used with a climbing harness). This doesn’t make it a bad pack, just one not one for heavy loads. It has a fl exible frame and moulded back panels and is quite comfortable and stable as long as it’s not overloaded. There’s a thick bivvy pad inside that makes a nice sitmat.

There aren’t many pockets and access to the main compartment is only via the top. There’s a very long extension with a water-resistant zip and two compression straps. Getting into the pack isn’t as easy as with most models and I found the long extension got in the way.

The Prolighter is lightweight and probably excellent for alpine mountaineering. It’s not a backpacking sack though.

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Reviewed in October 2015 issue